Saturday was a big day. P borrowed a pickup truck from work and we (including lionessprite) loaded it up with bed, bookshelves, books, and other Stuff For The Apartment. Drove out to Pennsy where we were met by another friend. Help was much appreciated, especially since the bed, mattress, and omg-this-is-heavy dresser had to get schlepped to the third floor! Unloaded the mess, had dinner out, and then back home. Today we get to repeat the same theme -- except that tonight I'll be sleeping in the apartment, and tomorrow morning I head off for Orientation for the new job.

The contract arrived overnight express yesterday. As the saying goes, it's all pigs fed and ready to fly. But this is a good day to start new ventures, at least for English speakers: after all, today is March Forth.

There's no net connectivity in the apartment yet, so I probably won't be able to read or post for a while.
P has often said that the guy who owned our current home before we did should have a radio ankle-bracelet. If he gets to the front door of Home Despot, Lowe's, or other hardware store, some uniformed aides would appear and politely escort him to the edge of the parking lot. "I'm sorry, sir," they'd say, "you can't come in here. With the contents of our store, you'd be a danger to yourself and to others. We can't allow that to happen."

Today's example: shelf standards. You know, the metal railing with little slots in it? You attach two parallel vertical strips to your wall, slide the brackets into the slots, then drop a piece of planking across the brackets. Quick, easy, functional -- until this guy did it.

Seems he wanted to be sure that the standards wouldn't come away from the wall. Did he use wall anchors? Noooo. He curved the metal and buried it under the plaster!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find a Dremel tool. And tea. Tea, dammit, tea!



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